Why you need to upgrade from Windows XP today

Why you need to upgrade from Windows XP today

08 February 2017 | By James

Though Windows XP Support stopped in 2014 we are still seeing some people in Gawler and Barossa and surrounding areas with Windows XP installed. Here’s why you need to upgrade from Windows XP today.

Security – Now that Windows XP is not supported it is essentially defenseless against cyber attacks. It is believed that over 10% over computers in the world are still running Windows XP, now that’s a lot!

Software Issues – If you are planning on installing new software on an XP machine you may run in to a lot of trouble. New software is designed for supported operating systems eg, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

What should you do?

People have been asking us, what should I do with my Windows XP computer?

Our answer is usually “Get a new computer”. But, in some cases we have updated customers from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 without changing the computer hardware itself. It all depends on the age of your computer hardware.

The options

New computer – We can set you up with a brand new computer at a great price. We include the transfer of all of your old files to the new computer along with 1 year of free Anti Virus and monitoring under our computer maintenance program.

New Hardware – Maybe you already have a great monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers? We might be able to set you up with some new hardware to run Windows 7,8 or 10 and leave some of your other hardware in place.

If you think your computer might be ready for an update then give us a call to organise your FREE evaluation.

Alternatively you can book in an appointment via our booking page here