Family Domain Name & Email

Your Family Email Address

Tired of spelling out your ISP domain email?
For example: is an email address that is TOO HARD to spell.

Your email is address is so important these days... it's used everywhere for your profile and it's more important than your postal address!

BUT the trap for some is getting locked-in using their ISP email account for use  (e.g @bigpond, @internode, @optus etc), and when they move to another ISP in the future (eg. move house or require a better internet deal), their 'entrenched email' is blown away... It's a big risk and an even bigger hassle when it happens.

SO the solution is to have a FAMILY or PERSONAL DOMAIN FOR EMAIL.


  • Travvy@JonesHouse.Team
    and anything else you can think of...


  • Domain Registration
  • Email Hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts¬† (For Mum, Dad, Daughter, Son, Grandma etc)
  • Easy setup Guide
  • Life-Long Solution
  • ... we can even point your domain name to your Facebook page or other profile
    ... or even a web page.

Talk to us about your Family Domain Name and Email.

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