Protect Your Network and Devices

Protect Your Network and Devices

11 January 2019 | By James

You keep your home and office free of pests — do the same for your business systems.

Having antivirus software that is updated regularly is a good start, as well as setting your systems to automatically update software.
Did you know that mobile phones and tablets may provide access to your sensitive business information?
Insist workers lock them with PINs in case of loss or theft and limit business information stored on them. Treat any network that your business does not control as insecure, particularly public Wi-Fi. Educate your workers to be wary of plugging unknown USB drives into their computers as these drives may contain viruses.

You can also improve the safety of your business by using separate computers at home for work and personal activities. This reduces the risk of your work files being infected by you or other members of your family as you or they browse the web, play games or undertake other activities online.

In recent years, criminals and malicious individuals have turned to extortion as a way of obtaining money from businesses. Extortion techniques include tricking workers into infecting computers with ransomware that encrypts files so the criminals can demand payment (usually in digital currencies such as bitcoin) for the decryption key.

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