Back-Up Your Data to the Cloud

Back-Up Your Data to the Cloud

09 January 2019 | By James

You insure your house, health, car, life and physical business assets, but can you replace your lost or damaged business data? Not backing up your data can cost you your business.

It includes accounting files, invoicing and quoting systems, letters and emails, information and resources, and even your website files. Regularly backing up your data or setting devices to automatically back up can help you quickly recover from a cyber attack, hard disk failure or another disastrous event.

Take your backup offsite or store it securely, like other important documents. Test your backup system regularly to ensure that it restores all information correctly.

Stellar Tech IT has data backup solutions to fit your needs. For clients we setup robust CLOUD BACK-UP SOLUTIONS that we monitor and support.

We test backups regularly to ensure your data is ready to go encase your computer crashes. Our data backup solutions include:

  • Multiple device backup – mobiles, tablets, computer and laptops.
  • Regular backup checks to ensure backups are working efficiently
  • Upgrade options so you don’t need to worry about how much data you need to backup

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