5 easy steps to stay safe online!

5 easy steps to stay safe online!

#1 - Create strong passwords

Using the same password for every account? Bad idea! Make sure you are using a unique password for each account. If you are having trouble remembering all of your passwords consider using a password management tool to keep track of all of your passwords for each account.

#2 - Be on the lookout for scams

Always be cautious when opening links on Email, websites or through Social Media. Never click on links that you are ot sure are legitimate. If you aren't sure always play it safe. Give Stellar Tech a call and we can help you to establish whether or not the link or attachment is dangerous.

#3 - Backups, Backups, Backups

Make sure all of your computers and devices are set to either an automatic backup schedule or make sure that you are carrying out regular, manual backups. And don't be afraid to backup the backup just encase! Not sure if your backups are working? Contact Stellar Tech to book a backup and security review today!

#4 - Keep your information private

Your private information is very valuable and can be used inappropriately if it falls in to the wrong hands. Remember to be cautious of what information you are sharing and always check the privacy and security settings on the account or app you are using.

#5 Stay up to date and protected

Always make sure your internet connected devices are up to date and free from virus / malware infection. Install anti-virus software on all of your devices and make sure regular checks are being completed for malicious files. Also remember that when it comes to Anti-Virus software, you get what you pay for.

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