Why am I not receiving emails?

In the past 2 weeks we have had several calls from customers in Gawler and Barossa who were not receiving emails. Let's take a look at why emails seem to go 'missing' from time to time?

There are a number of reasons why emails might get lost in their travels through the World Wide Web. Here are our top reasons your emails may not be being received.

A virus or some sort of spam filtering has blocked the message. Lot's of computers have spam filtering software installed, which can be great at blocking unwanted emails, but from time to time the software can identify emails you want as spam. A virus may also cause your email software to not receive some emails. - if you think you have a virus please check out our 3 step virus recovery guide here

The email might have been marked as spam by software on your computer. As mentioned, some computers have spam software installed. Always check your 'junk' folder before giving up hope. (Quick Tip - Some email programs have a junk folder as well as a spam folder, be sure to check both)

The email might contain a very large attachment - This often happens when sending photos. Usually the maximum size for an attachment allowed in 10 - 25mb. With the quality of photos produced by digital cameras these days this size limit can be easily taken up by just 3 or 4 photos.

The email might contain software for example a program - This is generally not allowed and most email servers will block the email. Sending programs over email is not a good practice.

The email may not have been sent in the first place. It could be that the sender is having the issue and not you. Have the person who sent the email check the outbox on their email program. If the email is still in the outbox it is likely an issue with the sender and not you, the receiver.

Recapping, here are a few quick tips to try when you are having trouble receiving email.

  • Check the junk and spam folders
  • Check to see if you have any anti-spam software installed.
  • Limit the size of the files you have attached to the email.
  • Have the sender check the outbox to ensure the email was sent in the first place

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