Why Small Business Cyber Security Matters

Big changes to Australia's Cyber Security laws this month February 2018 we will see a change in the laws that affect our personal information. The new law will require all businesses turning over 3 million dollars or more to report any data breach to the public as well as the office of the Information Commissioner.…
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Microsoft Office Phishing Scam

A new phishing scam has hit Australia. Targeting Microsoft Office 365 users. In the last few days many businesses and individuals have received Emails claiming to be from Microsoft. Recipients of the Email are encouraged to upgrade their accounts due to having run out of available storage space. People following the instruction of the Email…
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Facebook Virus Scam!

A massive spam campaign has hit Facebook Messenger over the past few days, according to recent warnings issued by some of the worlds biggest security internet security companies Avira, CSIS Security Group, and Kaspersky Lab. The Facebook spam messages contain a link to what appears to be a video. The messages arrive from one of the Facebook user's…
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Has your wifi been KRACKed

A huge flaw in Wi-Fi devices using WPA and WPA2 security encryption was exposed yesterday. Attackers can use this flaw to steal sensitive data – passwords, credit card numbers, emails – or inject malicious software into websites. If you’re using an Android device, an attack could be “extremely devastating”. The flaw has been named KRACK…
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